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Archery Bow LARP Long Nomads

Archery Bow LARP Long Nomads

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Whether you are a scout, hunter, or part of a marauding horde, you require an impressive bow for your adventures. Bring the Long Nomads Bow with you. Made from fiberglass, this bow features a horsebow shape. It has a black finish. Also, the bow has a brown suede leather wrapping on the handle. It comes with a string. In addition, it has a draw weight of approximately 25 pounds. Both right-handed and left-handed archers can use this ambidextrous bow. For a shorter bow, check out the Short Nomads Bow (MY101112), sold separately. This Long Nomads Bow is great for a variety of roleplaying events as well as archery practice.

As this item is made from natural materials, please note that appearance can vary slightly from what is shown. The draw weight can also vary by 2 pounds above or below the listed amount.

Key Features:

  • Grip is ambidextrous
  • Has a draw weight of 25 pounds
  • Horsebow shape
  • Includes a bowstring
  • Great for LARP events and archery practice


  • Made from fiberglass with a suede wrapping


  • Strung Bow Length: 42.1 Inches
  • Unstrung Bow Length: 48 Inches
  • String Length: 39.4 Inches

Measurements are approximate.