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The signature dice collection
Borealis - Light Green/White
Borealis - Pink/Silver
Borealis - Royal Purple/Gold
Cirrus - Aqua/Silver
Festive - Rio/Yellow
Festive - Vibrant/Brown
Frosted - Caribbean Blue/White
Frosted - Clear/Black
Frosted - Blue/White
Frosted - Pink/White
Frosted - Teal/White
Leaf - Black Gold/Silver
Lustrous - Black/Gold
Lustrous - Dark Blue/Green
Lustrous - Gold/Silver
Lustrous - Shadow/Gold
Marble - Green/Dark Green
Scarab - Blue Blood/Gold
Scarab - Royal Blue/Gold
Scarab - Jade/Gold
Scarab - Scarlet/Gold
Vortex - Dandelion/White
Vortex - Red/Yellow
Vortex - Bright Green/Black
Vortex - Orange/Black
Vortex - Blue/Gold
Vortex - Electric Yellow/Green

7 Die Set - Signature

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A 7 die set where each die is a fusion of color(s) with unusual effects and numbers written in another color. Die set includes a 4-sided, 6-sided, 8-sided, two 10-sided, 12-sided, and a 20-sided die.