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Check Out What's Going on the Week of November 6th!

Leather Craft Event' Emporium

Leather Craft Workshop: Medicine Bags

Explorers' Emporium, Inc. is hosting a leather crafting workshop! Come join us as we teach you to make medicine bags!

October 21, 2017 from 12pm to 5pm

Materials and tools are provided

Limited space; First come, first serve

Ages 13 and up

Craft Cost: $20

**Participants may make one. Price includes cost of material and select stones to place inside.

Engineering Science Month

November Science Theme: Engineering, Simple Cable Puppets

No matter what field you're in, at some point some tool or piece of technology is needed to help with your research or project. Engineering is the area of study of creation! From buildings to rockets, there's not much that an engineer can't build. This week we are looking at the creation and design of simple cable puppets!

Workshops take place every Thursday

Ages 6 - 12

Walk-ins welcome, $10 per explorer

Art Supplies Sale

Weekly Deal! Art Supplies

10% off all Art Supplies

This sale lasts through: November 12, 2017

This email must be shown at time of purchase for discount to apply. Or you can input this code, 10%OffArt20171106, to get a discount in our online store,