D&D Tournament of the Brightsword on Saturday June 26, 2021! First in-person event!

Check Out What's Going on the Week of July 31st!

MTG Game Day

Hour of Devastation Game Day!

Summoning all Planeswalkers for the Hour of Devastation Game Day! Come on down with your best standard deck and compete for a playmat of the God-Pharaoh Nicol Bolas and be deemed Champion! Additional prizes include full art promo cards.

August 5, 2017 from 12pm to 5pm

For More Information:  http://magic.wizards.com/en/event-types/game-day

Liquids and Goos Month

August Science Theme: Liquids & Goos, Capillary Attraction

From water defying gravity to transforming milk into a plastic, lots of fun and excitement with this month theme of Liquids and Goos. Come join us this week as we look at the wonders and effects of capillary attraction!

Workshops take place every Thursday

Ages 6 - 12

Walk-ins welcome, $10 per explorer

Fossil Sale

Weekly Deal! Fossil Casts

10% off all Valley Anatomical products

This sale lasts through: August 6, 2017

This email must be shown at time of purchase for discount to apply. Or enter the code, 10%OffFossils20170731, in our online store to receive the discount.