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The Explorer: January 2020

The Explorer

The Explorer's January 2020 newsletter delves into the January sales, Saturday S.T.E.A.M. workshops for kids, upcoming game releases in February, and other events at Explorers' Emporium. We are excited to announce that we will be having self-defense classes starting up in this month hosted by Dragon Academy of Defense, read further to learn more. If you wish to download a copy of the newsletter Click Here to view the newsletter.

TTRPG Basics: A Brief Overview of Alignment

Tabletop role-playing games (TTRPGs) are entertaining games that allow players to create a wide variety of characters each with their own personality! Common TTRPGs include Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), Pathfinder, Call of Cthulu, or Shadowrun. As a player creates their character(s), the question of alignment always comes up. What is it? How does it impact my character?

alignment grid

According to D&D 5e on page 122, alignment defines the morality (good, neutral, evil) and the attitude towards order and society (lawful, neutral, chaotic). A summary of the 9 alignments are to the left. For many players, an easier way to look at alignment is not in the grid layout with broad definitions, but instead viewing it as something that is more fluid like the graph below. Viewing alignment in this manner gives a better idea of how each alignment transitions into the others. This graph also allows players to see how each alignment can have tendencies towards the bordering alignments while remaining true to how they were originally defined. Of course there are also those individuals who prefer to do away with alignment. These decisions vary between games.

alignment graph

The way alignment comes into play, regardless of their visual representations, includes impacting spell selection for certain classes, interactions with non-player characters (NPCs), or even role-playing scenarios in the game in general. For many, the descriptions above are too vague and this leads to alignments not being played correctly. Chaotic neutral is commonly played incorrectly because many players believe chaotic neutral means they can do anything, whether it’s helping someone or murdering an NPC for no reason. This is in fact the evil alignments. Chaotic neutral characters act on their whims, but never to the extent of murder. Of course, as with any game, a Dungeon Master has the final word on interpreting rules!

MTG: Unsanctioned

Greetings Planeswalkers! Are you a fan of quirky Magic cards? Do you remember releases like Unhinged and Unstable? Could you simply not get enough of it? Then this collection of Un-set five 30-card decks plus accessories is for you!

Release Date: 2/29/2020

Theros Beyond Death

Greetings Planeswalkers! Welcome back to the lands of Theros! In this upcoming release for Magic: the Gathering we will be exploring a setting inspired by Greek mythology. Only cost to participate in prerelease is prerelease box (about $25 to $30).

Prerelease Date: 1/17/2020 & 1/18/2020

Release Date: 1/24/2020

Dragon Academy of Defense

Dragon Academy of Defense

The Dragon Academy of Defense will be hosting classes every Tuesday from 1pm to 4:30pm. There will be new lessons and workshops each week. These classes will include weapons techniques, learn basic self defense, and more! Can’t make the Tuesday class? Don’t worry The Dragon Academy of Defense will also be hosting classes every Friday from 5pm to 7pm. These classes are great for kids and anyone unable to join the Tuesday classes.

For more details: Tuesday Classes • Friday Classes

This Month's 10% off Sales

  • 12/29/19 to 1/4/19 - Science
  • 1/5/19 to 1/11/19 - MTG Boosters
  • 1/12/19 to 1/18/19 - Pathfinder
  • 1/19/19 to 1/25/19 - Dungeons & Dragons
  • 1/26/19 to 2/1/20 - Miniatures
cards in hand

Come visit us for your adventuring needs! Also, these sales do not stack with existing sales.


Leather Crafting Workshop

Storage Boxes

When: Saturday, January 11, 2020 from 12pm to 5pm

We’ll be crafting storage boxes. These are for storing Tarot cards, Magic cards, miniatures, and more! These leather boxes make great card cases and will safely hold 300 Magic-sized cards. It is $30 for one box. They are made of a thick leather that can be stained and tooled. These workshops are first come first serve and will have limited space. We start promptly at 12:00pm on January 11, 2019. Ages 13 and older. Walk-Ins are totally welcomed. Leather, materials, tools, and instruction provided.

Additional items, tools, and materials may be purchased if personal customizing is done. Some customizing may exceed our time frames and item completion may need to be done at home along with any remaining crafting from additional accessories. Customizing and artwork must be approved by instructor prior to start of workshop. For more details:

Facebook Event: Storage Boxes

Saturday S.T.E.A.M. Workshops


December's Theme - Acids and Bases

When: Saturday, January 25, 2019 from 12pm to 1pm

Our once a month Saturday S.T.E.A.M. Workshops are a wonderful opportunity for children ages 6 through 12 to learn about the world they live in. From chemistry workshops where we’re analyzing what changes the color of fire to physics where we’re making paper catapults while studying force. For this month’s workshop we will be learning about acids and bases. The workshops are $10 to participate per explorer wishing to join us. You can join us as a walk-in or RSVP ahead of time through our Facebook group called Explorers’ Emporium Explorers.

Facebook Group: Explorers' Emporium Explorers

Facebook Event: Saturday Steam Workshop

Need a Gaming/Crafting/Event Space?

We have 2 spaces available for community use that can hold up to 60 people in total, including tables and chairs. Our bigger space can also be used by multiple smaller groups as well if you only need a couple tables. If you want to reserve the space, let us know what day and we’ll see what we can do. Contact us for details.