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The Explorer: December 2019

The Explorer

The Explorer's December 2019 newsletter delves into the December sales, Saturday S.T.E.A.M. workshops for kids, upcoming game releases in January, and other events at Explorers' Emporium. If you wish to download a copy of the newsletter Click Here to view the newsletter.

TTRPG Basics: The Player & The Game Master

Tabletop role-playing games (TTRPGs) are an exciting and entertainining experience! Common TTRPGs include Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Call of Cthulu, or Shadowrun. In most TTRPGs, there are two roles: the players and the game masters. The players are individuals who are playing a character(s) exploring a world that can take place in a variety of settings, ranging from high fantasy to futuristic. The game masters are individuals who control the behind the scenes of a game that the players are exploring.

Both roles require an understanding of the rules that are required for a TTRPG, but the game master role tends to require more prep work than the player role. Usually before a scheduled game, the game master prepares for potential encounters players might discover by either creating an adventure themselves or reading through a module that is a pre-built adventure for game masters to use. The role of player or game master are both fun roles to fill and don’t necessarily need to act separately from each. Players can work with game masters in preparing for a game by either acting as a co-game master, ensuring that their character is up-to-date, or even by chipping in to buy any gaming supplies a game master might need to run a game.

Pathfinder 2: Bestiary Battle Cards

Do you enjoy Pathfinder 2e Do you enjoy the unique creatures that exist in the world of Pathfinder 2e Then these bestairy cards are something that you will enjoy! These bestairy battle cards are perfect for game masters, players, writers, or anyone looking for inspiration. There are 450 cards, each with beautiful artwork and information about the creature on the card.

Release Date: 1/29/2020

Theros Beyond Death

Greetings Planeswalkers! Welcome back to the lands of Theros! In this upcoming release for Magic: the Gathering we will be exploring a setting inspired by Greek mythology. Only cost to participate in prerelease is prerelease box (about $25 to $30).

Prerelease Date: 1/17/2020 & 1/18/2020

Release Date: 1/24/2020

Interesting Discoveries!


Imperfections and irregularities in features and appearance are what set things within this world apart from one another. Whether it’s difference between species or even variation within a species, these differences make us unique. In 2015, a group of researchers from the University of Alberta uncovered a Styracosaurus skull in fairly decent condition. Current research on the skull has revealed that the manner in which the horns grow and form is not necessarily symmetrical causing paleontologists to reevaluate how they identify new and existing species of dinosaurs.

For more details: Dinosaur skull turns paleontology assumptions on their head

This Month's 10% off Sales

  • 12/1/19 to 12/7/19 - Leather
  • 12/8/19 to 12/14/19 - Dice
  • 12/15/19 to 12/21/19 - Rocks
  • 12/22/19 to 12/28/19 - Clothing
  • 12/29/19 to 1/4/20 - Science
cards in hand

Come visit us for your adventuring needs! Also, these sales do not stack with existing sales.


Leather Crafting Workshop

Archer Gauntlets & Medieval Bracers

When: Saturday, December 14, 2019 from 12pm to 5pm

We’ll be crafting bracers and gauntlets. These are perfect for archery or cosplay attires! One archer gauntlet is $30 and $60 for the pair. The material the gauntlets are made of is oiled leather, a self-healing leather that you can rub scuffs out of when it gets scratched. The bracers are $20 for a pair and can be laced or buckled. The bracers are made of a thick leather that can be stained and tooled. These workshops are first come first serve and will have limited space. We start promptly at 12:00pm on December 14, 2019. Ages 13 and older. Walk-Ins are totally welcomed. Leather, materials, tools, and instruction provided.

Additional items, tools, and materials may be purchased if personal customizing is done. Some customizing may exceed our time frames and item completion may need to be done at home along with any remaining crafting from additional accessories. Customizing and artwork must be approved by instructor prior to start of workshop. For more details:

Facebook Event: Archer Gauntlets & Medieval Bracers

Saturday S.T.E.A.M. Workshops


December's Theme - Dinosaurs

When: Saturday, December 28, 2019 from 12pm to 1pm

Our once a month Saturday S.T.E.A.M. Workshops are a wonderful opportunity for children ages 6 through 12 to learn about the world they live in. From chemistry workshops where we’re analyzing what changes the color of fire to physics where we’re making paper catapults while studying force. For this month’s workshop we will be learning about dinosaurs and their environment. The workshops are $10 to participate per explorer wishing to join us. You can join us as a walk-in or RSVP ahead of time through our Facebook group called Explorers’ Emporium Explorers.

Facebook Group: Explorers' Emporium Explorers

Facebook Event: Saturday Steam Workshop

Need a Gaming/Crafting/Event Space?

We have 2 spaces available for community use that can hold up to 60 people in total, including tables and chairs. Our bigger space can also be used by multiple smaller groups as well if you only need a couple tables. If you want to reserve the space, let us know what day and we’ll see what we can do. Contact us for details.